The Biggest Market: Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

Did you know that Las Vegas is not the gambling capital of the world? Surprisingly, the largest gambling site is not in Europe! Instead, it is in Asia. If you have not heard about Macau, it is the best time that you hit on Google.

Asian culture includes gambling. Ancient history will tell us that the earliest dices are from China. It dates to 9th century BC. So what? Well, we should look at their taste in gambling. If you are wondering what some of Asia’s casino games are, here are some of them.

#1. Sic Bo

Asian Casino Games sic bo

This game is like a roulette, although it uses three dices. To win this game, you should put your bet on the lowest house edge. While there are only a few who adopted this game in the US and Europe, Asians swarm in this table.

The lowest house edge is at 2.37%, while the highest is at 33%. It would help if you were wise in choosing your numbers in this game.

#2. Mahjong

Asian Casino Games mahjong

You may have come across this game online. If not, you can watch the movie Crazy Rich Asians, too! This game is quite famous in any Asian country, and you can play this even at home. If it is your first time hearing the word, this is how they play the game.

The dealer deals 13 tiles to each player, and they will form pairs to complete a set. If it is not useful, they can put it to the table, and other players can use it once to complete their collection. The one who gets 14 tiles with a complete set wins the game.

#3. Pai Gow

Asian Casino Games pai gow

This Asian game is popular offline and online. The traditional version uses tiles instead of dominoes. Players will make a bet on the tiles, and they will create two hands with two-game tiles on each side. When both hands win, you will get a prize. If the one hand wins and the rear loses, you will not lose or gain anything. It is a Push.

Americans made a poker version of this game, and it is quite a hotspot online. The rules are similar, and the loss rate for this game is lower. It is because a push or a tie situation happens all the time.

#4. Keno

Asian Casino Games keno

The Great Wall of China will not stand without this game. Until now, people are fond of selecting numbers from 1 to 80. A random number generator will identify which winning combination to draw.

You can choose which type to wage. It can be a straight ticket, king ticket, or a combination of the two. Common among players is the straight ticket. If all your numbers are part of the drawn 20 numbers, you will win a prize. The more numbers you bet, the higher chances you will succeed.


These casino games are popular in Asia. If you are from the other spectrum of the globe, they may sound unfamiliar. Regardless, some of these games are quite similar to Western casino versions. Learning these games may take some time, but you will surely win a lot once you get hooked.

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