Who Runs the World: Top Five Female Casino Gamblers of All Time

Before, it is surprising that women succeed in gambling. This activity is related to men, so you cannot find a long list of female casino gamblers. Today, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman if you know the game. Here are some examples that gambling is not only a space for males. It is an industry open to all genders.

Top Five Female Casino Gamblers of All Time

#1. Alice Ivers Duffield Tubs Huckert – A Badass Poker Player

Female casino gamblers alice

Poker Alice' is her name when she plays in the casino. Yes, she is a great name when it comes to poker. While most people would see a group of men circling in a table, Alice refutes the idea that poker is only for men.

She is quite a badass. Alice is not the typical soft-spoken woman in the 1850s. Instead, she used her winnings to own a brothel, begin an alcohol business, and keep up with the latest fashion trend. One time she was sent to jail after killing the people who tried to take her life with .38 caliber.

#2. Carlotta J. Thompkins – A Talented Gambler in the 1900s – Female casino gamblers

Female casino gamblers carlotta

Google the name Lottie Deno, and you will find excellent feedback about her performance in poker. Unlike the first one, she lived a more modest life and depended only on her ability to play poker. She defeated Doc Holiday and earned the title ‘Poker Queen' in the 1900s.

#3. Judy Bayley – A Renowned Casino Owner After Her Husband’s Death

gamblers judy

Judy is not famous as a player but as a casino owner. Her moniker is the ‘The First Lady of Gambling' when she became the sole owner of Hacienda Casino after her husband died. Does she have an excellent hand at cards? We cannot say. All we know is, she is good at handling their business.

Judy knows how to win the hearts of casino players. She spent a lot on publicity in 1964 and later started the Live Keno. It is one of the pioneers of this casino game, and it became Judy's key to becoming a gambling lord.

#4. Vanessa Selbst – A High Earner and an Excellent Player in Poker – Female casino gamblers

Female casino gamblers vanessa

We go to our modern-day players. This woman won more than $15 million from live poker games and won World Poker bracelets thrice. With her sharp focus and strategy, she is the only one who won the North American Poker Tour Main Event twice in a row.

In 2018, she took a step back from the spotlight. However, her name will continue to stay on the list of the most famous women in gambling history.

#5. Pamela Anderson – An Actress with a Sexy and Charming Personality

gamblers pamela

The famous actress from Baywatch is also popular as a gambler. She spent most of her nights at Las Vegas casinos winning and losing. There was a time when she lost quite a lot of money but saved herself when a man paid $250,000. That is quite an exciting way to get away with casino losses, and she is lucky for having such charm and personality.


Women are making names in the casino industry since time immemorial. Some used their winnings to start a business or live a happy life. Others are good at managing the market, even if they are not good at playing. These women are proof that the casino is not only an arena for males. Anyone can make a name in this industry as long as they persevere at it. Some are wise enough to lure men into paying for their casino expenses.


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