Big hitter

If you want to win huge payouts without spending a lot of money, Big Hitter is for you. It is a three-reel slot with three fixed paylines. To win, you must get at least three identical symbols in adjacent positions. All wins in this slot will follow the active paylines. You can play Big Hitter for free or for real money at an online casino. However, you should know that this slot does not offer free spins or Wilds.

There are several features in Big Hitter that will make your gaming experience even better. Despite the fact that it is a retro slot, it still does not have a free spins bonus. The game has a 95 percent return rate for its players, which is significantly higher than that of the average slot machine. So if you like slots that reward you with a large number of free spins, you will definitely want to try this one.

Unlike many of its counterparts, Big Hitter does not have a free spins bonus. Its main feature is the classic fruit theme. The only downside of this slot is the fact that it is not available everywhere. Fortunately, you can find it at any online casino that allows you to play slots online. It has a 95 percent RTP and is available in most countries. That's a good return, and it's one of the most fun to play.

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